Hancock Learns I Can


Hancock couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking about going to the park, with his new friends.

So he stood there in the dark, with his eyes wide open.

“I wish I could fly,” Hancock said. He always dreamed of flying.

But then, old Mr. Doubt said, “You can’t fly, you’re just a bicycle,” and Hancock’s handlebars slumped.

But today, Hancock was going to the park, with his new friends.

Bobby King was smart, and liked to invent. Eleanor Ramirez liked to write, and wanted to make movies.

“Are you ready?” Bobby and Eleanor asked. “Let’s go, Hancock said. They biked to the park, and started playing.

But then Hancock, found a hidden tunnel, and the three friends climbed in.

When they got in, Whoosh! Off they went. Whoaaa…!

The slide led to a secret kid’s park. It had kids from all over.

The Secret Kid’s Park was a magical place. Toys could fly, and talk, and play!

“Hi, I’m bear,” a stuffed animal said, as he walked over. “Do you want to play?”

Hancock, Bobby, and Eleanor ’s eyes shot wide open!

Bear showed them the imagination house, inventor workshop, and snack shack.

But when Hancock saw a toy plane transform and walk, he said, “I wish I could do that!”

But then, old Mr. Doubt said, “You can’t walk. You’re just a bicycle.” And Hancock’s frame bent.

But the toy changed back, and flew right over him.

Now Hancock yelled, “I want to fly!”

When Molly the Brite Sprite heard Hancock, she came over. Brite Sprites helped kids with their imagination.

“Hi Hancock, I’m Molly. We can teach you how to fly.”

“Really?” Hancock said. “Really. Let me show you the inventor workshop. You’re going to love it.”

The inventor workshop was big and open. It had all the tools, and things you needed. Hancock was ready.

But then, old Mr. Doubt said, “You can’t invent. You’re just a bicycle.” And air went out of Hancock’s tires.

But Hancock put on his imagination hat, and worked real hard, and got help. And guess what? He learned how to transform.

Hancock changed into a plane, and went high into the sky. “Whee! I love to fly!”

Then Bobby and Eleanor got into Hancock the plane. “We’re flying! We’re flying!” the three friends said.

“Time to go,” Molly said. She helped them into the tunnel.

Whoosh! You could even slide uphill.

That night, Hancock told Mr. and Mrs. Han how he learned, I can.

And after that, every time old Mr. Doubt said, “you can’t…,” Hancock said, “I can walk, and I can invent, and I can fly.

I can!