Hancock Stories

Hancock Stories are about a talking bicycle named Hancock, who likes to go on fun adventures with his buddies Bobby and Eleanor... Hancock Stories will help bring people together.

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I build bridges between people when you can’t even see where to begin… can you imagine a world more united?… with greater love and respect for all people? I can. That’s why I’ve started three brands (all related) that will help bring people together. The Help Unite the World movement, the Hancock Stories Foundation, and the Hancock Stories children’s series (you’re going to love it), about a talking bicycle named Hancock.

We’re laying the groundwork now for all three brands, and it’s an exciting time. I’m looking for people who want to add to the love and respect in the world, and contribute in a lasting way. So who do you know? Who do you know who wants greater love and peace, and to bring back childlike unity?

Coming Soon

  1. Hancock and the Bully
  2. Hancock's New Family
  3. Hancock Meets Horace the Giant
  4. Hancock's New Friends
  5. Hancock and the Cherry Tree

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